Frequently Asked Questions

Fire is the ultimate risk to your hard earned investment and safety of life is paramount. Unless quickly brought under control, a fire can intensify and spread at frightening speed. It is therefore most important to have warning devices installed and for people to be able to evacuate the building as quickly as possible.
Smoke, heated air and/or asphyxiating gases are responsible for approximately 75% of fatalities in house fires.

A Steel Frame will not burn. It will not therefore contribute to the spread and intensity of a fire. It will actually slow the spread rate giving the occupants precious time to control the fire or evacuate the premises.

Steeline Metal Framing Systems has a software design package second to none. The possibilities of design in single and two storey dwellings using steel framing far outweigh other materials.

Yes. Steel Frames are safe because they are earthed. It is a requirement that all new housing be fitted with circuit breaking safety devices. A broken or pierced wire in a timber frame can remain live with a leaking current, which can cause troublesome faults and ultimately is a fire risk.

Steeline Metal Framing Systems only uses TrueCore steel, which is 100% Australian and sourced from BlueScope Steel. This product is protected by a hot dipped zinc-aluminum alloy metallic coating. In external applications such as roofing, these products are exposed to the elements and have excellent durability. So in less exposed applications such as inside the building envelope, the frame is almost fully protected.

No. The CSIRO conducted a study in which they surveyed a number of occupants of Steel Framed dwellings and the results published in “Building Materials and Equipment (Volume 17)”. They found that most occupants either reported no sound emitted or if they did, it constituted no problem.

No problem. These days tradesmen have come to appreciate the benefits of Steel Framing, such as pre-punched holes to allow for piping and cables. Steel Frames are straight and true, allowing for a professional finish.

Yes. Steeline Metal Framing Systems, as a matter of routine, provide engineer approved ‘certification documents’ to satisfy council requirements. Additionally, Lending Authorities see Steel Framing as an excellent long-term investment.

No. Steel Framing is very competitive with timber on price….even more so when the advantages over timber are weighed up. In today’s environment, to protect your investment in a timber house frame, you would require a barrier, termite mesh and for full peace of mind, your entire timber frame treated. All of these applications are a considerable on cost to the budget. None of these additional costs are necessary with a Steel Frame.

Consumer demand has in the last 2 decades steadily moved toward Steel Framed housing. The future of house framing has lent heavily to Steel due to the continual product improvement and safety of investment.

The product in today’s format offers lightweight technology which results in competitiveness, but does not compromise on strength. Additionally, the frames are ergonomically easy to handle and install.

Your client’s safety of investment is the highlight. Most termite treatments today have a very short life-span. Unless a costly treatment is maintained, it will in the long term become ineffective. Steel offers a permanent guarantee against termite attack and peace of mind that your client’s costly investment cannot be structurally compromised.