Owner Builders

Metal Framing Walls and Trusses for Owner Builders

Steeline Metal Framing Systems understands the needs required for DIY owner builder projects. 

We offer our clients a comprehensive service, starting right from the planning stage, offering advice on necessary changes as appropriate. Our detailer will then transpose a customer's plans into CAD format to formulate an accurate price estimate, as well as testing the engineering parameters of the project. On placement of the customer's order, our Structural Engineer reviews the finished plans and signs off as to the structural integrity of the steel frame. Our staff will then liase with the customer to ensure that our manufacturing process meets their requested time frame for either site installation or transportation to any location by road, rail or sea.

We also offer help with the on-site erection process (depending on the location), as well as sourcing other materials for the project, including specific trades such as Plasterers, Electricians, Plumbers, etc.

Contact one of Steeline Metal Framing System's consultants now, to work out your framing requirements

Steel Framing Ready to be packed up for Owner Builders Requirements