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Steeline Metal Framing Systems - Trusses, Walls and Floor

Steeline Metal Framing Systems offers a fully integrated steel frame system that provides benefits to all builders, owners, contractors and developers.

Our product is engineered to N1 - N4 and C1 - C4, meaning our frames are engineered to the highest possible Australian Standards......making our steel frames suitable for almost any location Worldwide.

Our product capability is due to our material advantage, having the flexibility to design large truss spans of up to 20 metres (depending on pitch height) and cyclonic wall frames manufactured to 1.5mm thick.

Here at Steeline Metal Framing Systems, we use only BlueScope Steel's TRUECORE® steel which is 100% Australian made and comes with a 50 year Product Warranty (conditions apply). TRUECORE is a high tensile G550 product which ranges in thickness from 0.6mm to 1.5mm.

Our products include:

Our Service starts with a top grade product and ends with either professional installation or packaged transport to any location in Australia or Worldwide. The frames can be "flat packed" into shipping containers with each section marked in conjunction with a fully documented assembly matrix. This comprehensive process enables the installer to fully understand each section and its position in the project's overall design.

Our product profiles include 90mm Top and Bottom Cord for Roof Trusses, 70mm and 90mm for Wall Frames, up to 250mm for Boxed Floor Systems, 40mm Roof Battens and 25mm Ceiling Battens.....all manufactured to exact dimensions at our Slacks Creek premises in Brisbane.

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